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The group, often known locally for its origins at the Little Venice as the Little Venice group, is also referred to as MEF, the original company founded in the 1970’s. Its strengths lie in the people behind it: each restaurant has an owner-manager who has been at that location often for many years.

And central to all the restaurants is a unique corporate structure which underpins the restaurant operations whilst providing autonomy and individuality to flourish. The groups’ directors ensure that the diversity of the different locations is maintained but within a corporate environment that allows them to operate with minimal administration.

But that corporate structure can provide our clients with a seamless experience for dining at any level, from lunch in the city center, a dinner by the water, followed by live entertainment under the stars; we can make it happen.

Our dynamism and our depth is unparalleled on this small island.


tel: 441 295 8279 | email: info@mef.bm